Our Unique Group and One-on-One Maternity Coaching Programs

Maternity coaching is a synergistic relationship between a Mommy, ESQ. coach and a client designed to help the client realize her full potential.

The words “maternity coaching program” probably have no meaning for you right now, right? Well, that’s because many employers believe that the only thing a working mother needs after having her baby in order to return to work as a whole and healthy person is time off. When, in fact, what a working mother really needs (in addition to a fair chunk of time off) is support. We raise our babies for much longer than twelve weeks, and I know we can all agree that in those seventeen years and 40 weeks after we return from maternity leave, we’d like to be able to achieve success in our careers and be able to spend some time raising our kids and being their mother until they leave our houses and go off to college.

Mommy, ESQ.’s group and one-on-one maternity coaching programs offer working mothers the support that they need to bring the whole of themselves to work, without resentment or anxiety. We believe that achieving everything you’ve ever wanted out of your personal life and career is only a matter of finding the right strategy. Your Mommy, ESQ. maternity coach will help you to identify that strategy and successfully apply it in all aspects of your life. We will focus on your goals, desired outcomes and creating positive change in your personal life and career in a supportive and discovery-based framework.

If you’re registered for the Mommy, ESQ. one-on-one maternity coaching program, we will hold individual coaching sessions via Skype, by telephone, or in-person (depending upon your location) for one hour, and we’re going to discuss your unique experiences as a working mom. We’re going to dive deep into the things that keep you from maintaining a balanced life, discuss your career goals, and support you as you make adjustments in your life that will lead you to living your best and most fulfilled life.

The main difference between the one-on-one and group maternity coaching programs is that our group coaching sessions are held with groups of up to ten moms. Though you’ll still benefit from working with a Mommy, ESQ. maternity coach, we will work as a group to help you achieve an enjoyable motherhood experience and a successful, thriving career. One added bonus that we’ve noticed from our group coaching programs is that it creates a support network for working moms. Not only do you have the support of your coach, but you also have several women to lean on that understand your unique challenges as a working mom. Setting up a group coaching session works two ways: (1) Mommy, ESQ. can assign you to an existing coaching group or (2) You can assemble your own group of up to ten moms, and we can work together to schedule a time to meet that works best for you.

If you’re interested in either our group or one-on-one maternity coaching program, please fill out the form below. We’re offering free thirty-minute sessions to all of our visitors! During this free session, we’ll get to know each other a bit, address any concerns you may have about maternity coaching, and discuss pricing for the different packages we offer for group and one-on-one coaching. We are flexible and will work with you to design a coaching package that benefits you and doesn’t hurt your wallet!

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